Unboxing and Demos

The following video, published by YouTuber @samxplogs, shows an unboxing of the BusKill Kit and how to use BusKill on macOS, Windows, and Linux.

00:03 Unboxing

06:00 macOS lock-screen demo
07:51 macOS soft-shutdown demo

11:11 Windows lock-screen demo
12:40 Windows soft-shutdown demo

16:57 Linux lock-screen demo
17:57 Linux soft-shutdown demo

18:47 Kali Linux Demo

3D-Printed BusKill

The following video shows a demo of the 3D-Printed BusKill Cable on Linux

DIY BusKill

The following video shows a demo of the DIY BusKill Cable on Linux, Windows, and macOS

Further Reading

For more information, you can read the following articles tagged with demo.

  • 3D-Printable BusKill Prototype Demo

    3D-Printable BusKill Prototype Demo

    Today we're ecstatic to publish our first demo showing a homemade BusKill Cable (in the prototype 3D-printed case) triggering a lockscreen. While we do what we can to allow at-risk folks to purchase BusKill cables anonymously, there is always the risk of interdiction. We don’t consider hologram stickers or tamper-evident tape/crisps/glitter to be sufficient solutions […]

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  • 3D Printable BusKill Proof-of-Concept

    3D Printable BusKill Proof-of-Concept

    Update on our progress on the 3D-printable BusKill prototype, a DIY USB kill cord to protect your laptop's data from thieves.

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  • BusKill Demos (Windows, MacOS, Linux, TAILS, QubesOS)

    BusKill Demos (Windows, MacOS, Linux, TAILS, QubesOS)

    Video Demo Watch the below video to see a demonstration of BusKill running on all of the below-listed systems. Transparency is important. As we launch our crowdfunding campaign (making the BusKill cable available for purchase for the first time), we wanted to provide a clear video demo showing the cable in-use in all tested platforms: […]

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  • LUKS Header Shredder (BusKill Self-Destruct Trigger)

    LUKS Header Shredder (BusKill Self-Destruct Trigger)

    This post will describe how to add a trigger that initiates a "self-destruct" sequence when your BusKill laptop kill cord's connection is severed--rendering your data permanently & irrevocably destroyed in the event that your laptop were physically separated from you (ie: by a snach-and-run thief). Many people were disappointed when the original post introducing BusKill […]

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