Why BusKill?

BusKill is a Dead Man Switch triggered when a magnetic breakaway is tripped, severing a USB connection. Checkout this video demonstration:

Your data is your data.

Keep your accounts and encrypted data safe from thieves.


BusKill can trigger your laptop to lock, shutdown, or self-destruct if it's physically separated from you.


BusKill is a hardware USB cable. No flapping bluetooth.


BusKill is licensed under CC-BY-SA and code is GPLv3.

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Who benefits from BusKill?


BusKill can provide travelers peace-of-mind when logged into their bank account or social media from a café in Paris.

Crypto Traders

Have a crypto wallet? BusKill can keep your coins safe while trading OTC. Or if you just day trade on an exchange from a coworking hot desk.


Are you a journalist operating in an oppressive regime? BusKill can keep your documents and their sources safe if you’re targeted by the political police.



No. Even if an exact replica was inserted, BusKill will still be triggered if it's disconnected.

That's good! But it won't protect you if a thief snatch-and-runs with your laptop after you've authenticated.

The only way to defend against this sort of attack is by using a Dead Man Switch to detect that you've been replaced at the helm, such as BusKill.

Using a radio-based Dead Man Switch introduces complexity, delays, and an increased vector of attack. BusKill is a simple hardware kill cord and is therefore more secure than any wireless solution.

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BusKill cables will soon be available for purchase via crowdsupply.

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