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BusKill available in-store (Leipzig ProxySto.re)
BusKill v0.7.0 released
Disarm BusKill in QubesOS
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BusKill is finally here

We're very excited to announce that BusKill cables are now available for purchase via CrowdSupply!

BusKill Now Available on Crowd Supply

This week we launched the BusKill crowdfunding campaign on CrowdSupply.

The DIY guide to build a BusKill laptop kill cord was released last year. Designed to protect journalists, activists, travelers, and crypto traders -- this USB Dead Man's Switch can trigger your computer to lock if someone physically snatches your computer away from you while you're using it.

You can buy a BusKill cable today from CrowdSupply:

You can also buy a BusKill cable with bitcoin, monero, and other altcoins directly from our BusKill Store:

Bitcoin Accepted Here

Monero Accepted Here

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