Welcome to the BusKill store! Here you can purchase our products with fiat or anonymously using cryptocurrencies.

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Shipping is free, internationally.
We ship internationally to most countries in the world, except for those in this list of restricted countries.
In order to mail your order to you, we necessarily need the following:
  • Shipping Address
Of course, we cannot send you your product without a valid shipping address! This is a requirement.

  • Email Address
We need to be able to contact you for updates on your order, including any issues we may have. This can, of course, be anonymous.

Moreover our distributor requires the following information:
  1. First Name
  2. Last Name
Though you must enter something for the above fields, feel free to use fictitious/anonymous data -- so long as it will not affect delivery in your country.

Please know that we are not responsible for lost or stolen packages that have been confirmed delivered by the carrier, and we will not reimburse you if the item is Unclaimed or Returned To Sender.
Yes, of course! We respect your privacy. To purchase from us anonymously, we recommend paying with Monero. For added security, visit this site in Tor Browser and it will automatically upgrade to our Onion Service.
Unfortunately, no.

While we go out of our way to make sure that our website has graceful fallback when javascript is disabled, our payment processors (CoinPayments & Stripe) require javascript.

If you know of an alternative to CoinPayments that [a] accepts monero, [b] is Tor friendly, and [c] is willing to serve US citizens, then please let us know.
Yes! Payments in fiat are handled by our payment processor Stripe, and are compliant to the PCI Digital Security Standard. Our servers never see your private keys, which are tokenized client-side using the Stripe Elements library.

Payments in cryptocurrencies are extremely secure because they're push-based.
Orders are handled by Alt Shift International OÜ.

As "BusKill" is an open-source project and not a legal entity, we partnered with ASI to handle orders from our website. In return, profits from ASI are spent on expenses related to the continued development of BusKill's software and hardware.

For more information about ASI, visit their website at
BusKill cables can be purchased directly from Mouser Electronics (the seventh largest electronic component distributor in the world) or CrowdSupply. Both ship from the USA.

You can also purchase BusKill cables online or in-store from, located in Leipzig, Germany.

If you'd like to become a reseller of BusKill cables, please contact us for information about our wholesale pricing.