Your donation directly supports the continued development of BusKill.

Ways to Donate

1. Give a one-time donation

Donating with cryptocurrencies ensures that more of your donation goes directly to BusKill development because we do not incur any administrative costs. With credit card donations, we lose roughly 14% to administrative costs.

Bitcoin (BTC): 1DXyJpmu2KQMw2v4QJVzzjZo6f87BBndu6

Monero (XMR): 4B5ra5N1SN4d7BqDtkxAE5G5kGNz5mA5oCob41RzzoduM1uPAcr7QmNLzXtci5HvtkNXC7SowkxMjUUCXF2hm57MMS4jwkx

Credit card or PayPal via Open Collective

2. Join our sustaining supporters

Please consider becoming a sustaining supporter by giving a recurring monthly donation, which will enable continued development of our hardware and software year-after-year.

You can set up an automatically recurring donation on our Open Collective page. Thank you!

Donating FAQs

Why should I donate?

BusKill is an open-source project run by volunteers that create and maintain open-source hardware and software

Your donations will directly go to paying for the BusKill project's recurring expenses, including:

  1. Domain name fees
  2. Server hosting fees
  3. Code Signing Keys
  4. Developer Account Fees (ie: Apple)
  5. Testing Hardware (Linux, Windows, MacOS)
  6. Components for iterating on hardware designs
Can I donate something other than money?

Yes! There are many ways you can contribute to the BusKill project.

For more information, see the contributing page on our documentation.